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  ~ The NaHinga Program: In terms of our values at Opt4health, one being to give back to people and communities, we are proud to announce our partnership with the internationally recognised NaHinga Program. The program is directed to all people diagnosed with Aids or HIV+ with the view of creating the best possible Scio protocols to assist in combating the virus energetically. Volunteers are sought to assist in providing their time and biofeedback information for the collating of research data. Sessions will be complimentary (free) and totally confidential. Please consider the following before you Make Contact


  • agree to the terms and conditions discussed and supplied on registration
  • agree to commit to a 12 week program
  • agree to commit to attend weekly / bi-weekly assessment sessions
  • understand your HIV status / assessments and information will be used for research
  • that your identity can be anonymous
  • provide your current and future status / feedback and information
  • agree that your time and feedback are volunteered and free of charge
  • know that you will not be charged for the Scio assessment sessions

On completion of the program, clients have the option to continue with a maintenance program at an investment of R400 per session, the frequency of which can be determined by arrangement. 


~ OTHER INTERESTING & HELPFUL LINKS / CONTACTS (contact us to add your links or contact details to promote your business / services): Remember to tell the contact you got their details from the Opt4health web site!!

> http://www.positively-alive.com/ - support group for HIV+ persons in and around Johannesburg

> Want  to get further in life? Develop yourself by embarking on set a life changing courses.Visit http://www.foundationsa.co.za/

> Organic and Optimal Healthfood Store/Restaurant visit www.freshearth.co.za


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For more interesting information about Scio and quantum bio-feedback click on the document.


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IMPORTANT WAIVER CONSENT: Please read before submitting information via the internet that is specific to Opt4health and the service we offer based on client feedback.

 ~ I fully understand that the attending practitioner is not an allopathic doctor (MD) and does not portray themselves to be, but is a wellness consultant and Biofeedback practitioner

~ I fully understand the difference between the practice of allopathic (conventional) medicine, nutrition wellness consulting and Biofeedback

 ~ I fully understand that the services provided by the practitioner are not allopathic, but are strictly behavioral or Biofeedback in nature

~ I fully understand that the practitioner performs their services within the parameters of a natural health care and wellness system using Biofeedback and stress reduction

 ~ I fully understand that the attending practitioner does not offer allopathic drugs, surgery, chemical stimulants, radiation therapy, or any other conventional treatment. In addition, they do not diagnose, treat or otherwise prescribe for any disease condition or illness, and that my wellness and stress parameters are being measured

 ~ I have solicited the attending Biofeedback practitioners services in good faith, exercising my free will and following the dictates of my own conscience which allows me to select what I understand is most beneficial to my health, including the use of natural food supplements

~ If I desire any services not provided by the attending Biofeedback practitioner, which is my prerogative, I fully understand that I should seek them elsewhere. A referral for such services can be arranged

~ I presently seek counsel, advice, opinion, Biofeedback or points of view and/or programs within the scope of the attending practitioner’s wellness and stress reduction practice. I am fully aware and release the Biofeedback practitioner to do Biofeedback tests and therapies

~ I fully understand that the services provided by the attending practitioner are not generally accepted and/or recommended by allopathic doctors (MD’s) or other conventional health care professionals. I realize that medical aid or insurance payments is unlikely at this stage

~ By submitting information, I acknowledge that I have read and understand all parts of this waiver and that I have had the opportunity to ask questions with regard to all such procedures, prior to the appointment booking or at the session


Thank you for taking the time to read the above.


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